France Aube, Morvan


All small villages in France are important and attractive, but this small village Auberive, in Aube, north of the Celtic natural and cultural reserve of Morvan, may be one of the most important and attractive French small villages. Of course no one who knows a bit of France will agree concerning the second part of the afore statement, but no one will object to the first part of this statement, I guess.

Population is ca 200, but the village has a main abbey, surprisingly many cultural facilities and attractive quiet and spacious surroundings, old and wild forests, cultivated fields and some wildwater streams.



Camping site in this quiet area (August).


I am sorry to admit that I usually forget to take photographs, when travelling in France - as I often do. France is a most attractive and fascinating country with a lot of variety. This partial omission will be repaired during the coming years.













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