Italy, Alps, Dolomiti and Toscane

Following the road down from Alps via Dolomiti and Appennino mountains, heading south to Rome, travelling mountain roads.

Italy has a lot of attractive natural and cultured landscapes and is basically easy for travelling. Beautiful villages, small towns and country houses are plentiful, but quiet campgrounds are rare. Usually no free camping possible. Lodging can be found in most areas. In summer Italy is crowded with tourists in many places, but there are also still many quiet areas to be found, even in summer time.

















Characteristic mountain village.
















In Toscane and up in the mountains, around Florence and Sienna area (northern part of Italy).











Below photographs: in the vicinity of Rome, still travelling south via mountain roads, in August.
















In the Abruzzo mountains south east of Rome (middle Italy) to avoid the summer heat.


Back north to Sienna


















Toscane countryside is lovely, and a storehouse of old and modern culture. Do take plenty of time to get around and to get things arranged for daily living when you are in this area: the next quiet and spacious campground with great views may be difficult to find.



















Above, two of these nice, quiet camping sites in Appennini, with an attractive view. Photographs taken in August. Travel slow to find these places.


























Back in northern Italy, and approaching / entering the Alps again (via western coastal area and western Dolomiti).


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