Alps, Switzerland and surrounding countries, four traditional mountain roads



Photographs below show four traditional, famous mountain roads crossing the Alps and connecting Italy, Germany, France, Hungary. These four roads used to be the most important roads across main passes. Nowadays they are only minor through roads and mostly outdoor museum pieces. When travelling them, the going can still be quite tough from time to time.

These photographs were all made in Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy.















The old main road crossing St. Gotthard pass (North-South road).


















Camping ground near St. Bernardino pass (photograph taken in August. In winter time this area is part of a gletscher).



An Alp gletscher as mentioned above, in summertime.
















Historical main road on the Italian side of the Alps.


This is the famous St. Bernhard pass, on the west side of the Alps (Italy - Switzerland - France - Germany). This is the old road crossing the mountains north to south (&vv). This road is leading up to the fourth major old road, from east to west (see photographs below).

A modern tunnel makes life much easier for hurried travellers wanting to cross these mountains ASAP, avoiding the attractive but steep, narrow and winding roads crossing these two old major passes.













Camping sites are scarce here, but lodging at small hotels (ca 3, 4 or 5 rooms) is easily found. It is usually possible to camp semi-independent (eg in gardens of lodgings, or somewhere around mountain restaurants), but this depends on local circumstances and time.


Mountain roads from Italy and Switzerland to France.


Mont Blanc area in mists and heavy rainfall.













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